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Blue Apron Kids



Blue Apron Kids

Educate kids to change parents

Concept project
Service design / UX design
Duration: 1 weeks + 



Food production has big impact to the environment but it could be minimized by right selection of the food. What could be do educate people to choose the sustainable food source?

Game that educate next generation to choose right food by teach them how it is produced.

Food production is causing destruction of the nature. Though there is no one solution to the problem, by each individual consumers selecting sustainable food source, impact could be minimized. How can we get people to choose sustainable food source when selecting?

We conducted ethnographic research at the supermarket to observe purchasing behaviour and talked to both people who purchased food from sustainable food source / non-sustainable food source.

Insight1 :
People are aware of the impact food production has to the environment
When asked, majority of people answers that they know the impact food production has to the environment and selecting the right food source is important
Price is a main factor why people purchase non-sustainable food
Sustainable food tend to be more expensive and that is the main reason why people purchase non- sustainable food source.
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Insight3 :
Social pressure helps  for people to choose sustainable.
When asked about sustainable food source, some decided to switched to sustainable product.

The most interesting finding comes from those who switched to sustainable food source after being interviewed. Many times, when preparing food, there are no one who evaluate what you are purchasing. But we realized that when there are people who are observing/ giving social pressure, some people are willing to spend money on sustainable food source.

We thought that those are the good market to target as they are affluent enough to afford sustainable but currently purchasing non sustainable.

Initially, we created three personas that represents the market that was identified above, but since the market was too big, we decided to focus on one persona/segment: mother of young children.



As mentioned above, Lucy’s life evolve all around her son: Mat. We thought that the best way to influence here decision is to use Mat as reason to choose sustainable food.

Problem statement:
How can we influence mothers to choose sustainable while selecting?

Get kids to tell mothers to buy sustainable

We thought if Mat wants sustainable food source, Lucy has to purchase that. So we thought of the way for Mat to want sustainable.To do so, Blue apron kids are created. It is an ipad app in collaboration with food delivery service Blue apron.  Kids look after plants and animals in the game. When plants are looked after well and grown enough to be eaten, Blue Apron ships sustainable ingredients to their home so mother and kids can cook the ingredients that kids grew in the game together.  It is to good way get him curious on how the food are made that will eventually teach him difference between sustainable and non sustainable. 

---Interface design in progress---