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Chatbox (chatbot + box) for
Diversity and Inclusion trainings

Client: Forshay D&I team
Service design / UX design / UI design
Duration: 3 weeks
Team member:  Dave Kim, Geethu Sivadas
Prototype (Phone)


Forshay is a recruitment company in San Francisco that focuses on creating better working environment. We worked with diversity and inclusion (D&I) consultant team of Foshay. It wants to create a mobile app that could be used as a substitution to D&I training session. As project was at the still at the brainstorming stage, we helped on a product strategy.

Meet Diva, Diversity and Inclusion Training chatbox.

Diversity trainings
To understand the best D&I training method, we interviewed stake holder (Forshay) as well as few other diversity consultants which work with our school. We learned that training sessions done in a smaller group is best. Because people have time to talk about their experience and feelings. Also, it is easier to open up and talk about their experience.


User analysis - business
Hiring D&I consultants is expensive. Companies hire D&I consultants for management staffs but not for all employees. Some companies implement D&I trainings for employees using their internal resources. Two main training methods are in-person lectures and online trainings. Those methods can accommodate large volume of employees.


User analysis - employees
Employees feel that trainings they are getting ( In-person lecture/ online) are not engaging.  Also, they feel they are not practical.


customer journey

So, How might we create an effective and engaging D&I training at low cost?

According to Forshay, most effective D&I training is done in small groups. Smaller groups allows people to be more open while being engaged. With its advice, we came to idea of creating a digital facilitator: Diva. Diva is a mobile app that facilitates group D&I training sessions. Diva can schedule group trainings and guide the training by talking to the group. Diva allows company to conduct training as many time as it required, therefore it is cost efficient. For users, group training is more engaging than online or lecture sessions.

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Booking training

Booking training

Talk to Diva 

Talk to Diva 

Mini quiz

Mini quiz

Facilitating group discussion

Facilitating group discussion


“Phone is a private space”

We tested the prototype with people and we realized that people are not comfortable using their phone for a group activity. Phone is a private property and they do not feel comfortable using it in the group. With this feedback, we came to idea of creating a chat box - chat bot in a shape of box.

Diva mock_2

We created a prototype using cardboard and iphone. 

Diva mock

I am currently working on understanding voice UI as well as thinking of interface design.