UX Design / Creative strategy




Designing better experience in visiting doctors

Client: Uvita
Service design / UX design
Duration:1 day


Uvita is a mobile-first digital health platform for people that care about their overall health and well-being. It's goal is to allows everyone to take control of their medical records and fitness tracking data in order to easily share it with doctors. I was assigned to design prototype for one of its function: finding right doctor and book in ease


Those are the problem scenarios that I was assigned to solve. 

Artboard 3.png

User analysis: 
As this task had to be done within a day, I did user analysis via Google hangout. I talked to 3 people in the target group. Below is the senario that I observed and user journey that I created based based on the research conducted. 



From the research, I identified two pain points. 
1. Lack of information relates to doctors
2. Inflexibility and time consuming clinic experience. 


To address those two pain points, I created two personas


Interface design: 

User flow:




Screen flow:


Landing page

  • Simple filter under the search box for easy filtering 
  • Pop up search box for more comprehensive suggestions
  • Recently visited / near by option for quick search

Pop up search box

  • Search by condition or search by specialist 
  • Swich between two by click on icons
  • Suggestion as type
  • Popular terms suggestions
  • History suggestions




    Search result

    • Simple filter displayed under the search bar to modify the search.
    • Option to add more filters 
    • Sort by recently visited/ rating/ distance/ # of available spot 
    • Search clinics or doctors

    Doctor/ Clinic page

    • Detailed information about clinic/ doctor 
    • a to doctor profile or clinic profile
    • Rating and review available to be read 
    • Check availability feature for booking considerations




    Booking flow

    • Slot view or calendar view
    • Easy select available spot to book
    • Simple 5 steps 
    • Payment confirmation in advance for easy payment
    • Change as confirm on confirmation page 







    Add to calendar flow

    • Simple 3 steps
    • When confirming booking Click add to calendar
    • Allow access then schedule and map, notification added to calendar.