UX Design / Creative strategy


Story of UT 40 Vessel. Story of people behind.


Ut40 website design

Reinforce innovative leadership in the industry

Client: Rolls Royce Marine
Visual Design / Branding / Wireframing /Video contents direction


Background: Rolls Royce Marine is one of the leader in offshore industry, yet the market is getting more competitive. It wanted to reinforce itself as a leader in the industry once again.

Delivery : Site map/ Wireframe/ final visual design/  Contents

Execution : In highly competitive market, it is hard to differentiate itself by product feature. So we focused on faces behind the ships by featuring stories from designers and engineers who has contributed in40 years of UT history. 


On the landing page, first time in Rolls Royce Marine product site, we featured employees up front. We released new stories every week to engage existing customers and potential buyers.


Product page feature 3D model of ship parts. This allows viewer to visualize even inside the vessel.


To further personalize its communication, on the ask us page, we featured profile of their customer relation officers.


By featuring interactive UT vessel map, we added new way of engaging viewers as well as giving a sense of community.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 5.28.38 PM.png
Wireframe sketch

Wireframe sketch

Color and image reference board

Color and image reference board