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Penguin books donation box

Penguin books Donation box 

Create better donation experience by design


Penguin books donation box

Create better donation experience by design

Client: Penguin books
Experience design / product design


Background: Penguin books supports child education in India by collect donation at the book stores. And they were looking for ways to get more donation by changing the design of the donation box.

Challenge: Production cost was limited: They wanted to keep the production cost minimal to maximize funds.

Idea: Visualize the effect of donation

As to research behaviour of the people, I conducted interviews at the bookstore and supermarket. Through the interview, I realized that
1. Motivation for donating is satisfaction comes from knowing your money is used for something good
2. People do not shout out their good act but they want people to know they do good for society.

This brought me to think of donation box that
1. Interact with donor
2. Worth sharing: people can share what they did / this allow message to spread over the SNS.

With many days of ideation, picture above was the final design that I pitched to the client.

Box is made in plastic with alphabet and numbers are left transparent and surroundings painted in white. When empty, this box looks like a basic white box. As money was inserted, color of money will be visible from the transparent portion: people can see how their money are helping children to study alphabets and mathematics.

Donation box