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Bombay sapphire Flavor journey



Bombay sapphire

Experience the flavor

Client: Bacardi
Experience design / Creative strategy 


Background: Gin and tonic is one of the most popular cocktails in Japan. When ordering, people do not specify which gin.  We are tasked to communicate Bombay Sapphire’s flavor so that people will order gin and tonic with Bombay Sapphire.

Insight: More than drink itself, people care about experience of the night.

Idea: Get people to not only taste but Experience Bombay Sapphire’s sophisticated flavor.


Research: With the support of consumer researching company, we talked to gin and tonic drinkers. And we found 3 insight
1. Many believe difference in gin does not make difference in cocktail.
2. When tasted gin and tonic made from Bombay Sapphire, they could tell the difference in fragrance and 85% of the people answered that they liked Bombay Sapphire.
3. People care more about context of drinking than drink itself.

With those in mind, we decided that what Bombay Sapphire needs is opportunity for people to experience flavour by get them interested in it. We conducted design studio and created few ideas, shared with client. With constraint of budget, legal issues, and brand guidelines, we narrowed our ideas down.
As to create the experience, we searched through experience design agencies. With our producer’s network, we had chance to collaborate with Champagne club sandwich.

Result: 4520 visitors / Tokyo and Osaka

User journey map

User journey map

idea sketch 
bombay sapphire flavor journey
a woman touching screen
staff wearing train driver costume
people touching screen while enjoying cocktail
10 herbs used in bombay sapphire